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Understanding Yourself & Your Employees U.S. businesses today base 80% of hiring on skills, education, experience and training. Yet, people who lose their jobs, fail to receive promotions or quit, do so because they lack interpersonal, not technical, skills.

Research shows that 85% of firings and resignations are due to behavioral incompatibilities either with customers, other employees or managers.

Imagine knowing...

  • Ideal working environment
  • General characteristics
  • Preferred communication style
  • Personal leadership style
  • Compliance with rules
  • Keys to managing
  • Motivational preferences
  • Style of working with others
  • Areas for improvement
  • Value to the organization

Available Profiles

  • Employee Manager
  • Sales
  • Work Environment & Job Analysis
  • Personal Interests and Values
  • Behavioral Factor Indicator
  • Successful Performance Index
  • Team Building
  • Customer Services
  • Quick Field Disc
  • Personal Profile System
  • Personal Learning Insights
  • Coping & Stress
  • Personal Listening
  • Innovate with C.A.R.E.
  • Discovering Diversity
  • Dimensions of Leadership
  • Time Mastery

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