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Itís Not What You Say; Itís How You Say It!

Learn to send the right body signals and voice tones.

How many times have you been accused of saying something you did not say? People do not always record into their memory the exact words, rather their interpretation of the message. Body language and vocal tones can alter that interpretation significantly.

For instance, the words will mean something completely different if you say them with a raised pitch and slowed rate, because people will perceive sarcasm. Simply raising your pitch at the end of a statement makes you sound unsure of yourself, while raising your volume on a single word can make you sound overly authoritative.

People may not value your message if you suddenly shift your posture while delivering it. An increase in your habits, such as playing with a pen, can signal that you are feeling negative. Your body signals have a tremendous impact on the impression that you make, so send them with care.

You will learn how to:

  • Send the right body language to calm you and to be perceived as comfortable and confident.
  • Read the body signals others are sending to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Use the voice that is best for you physically.
  • Get your voice under control in emotional situations.
  • Listen for mood changes by hearing slight changes in the speakerís voice.

Available :

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Just For Fun

Murder In The Mountains

  • A unique, completely interactive murder mystery.
  • Each participant plays a character.
  • All meals catered right to you (includes dinner & desert the 1st night; breakfast & lunch the 2nd day)
  • Plenty of time to enjoy the fresh mountain air and on-site activities like board games, bonfires, cards, darts, duck watching & feeding, fishing, hiking, horseshoes, nature walks, stargazing, swimming, tubing & volleyball.
  • Beautiful, clean accommodations.

Laugh and Learn

  • Energize your team by incorporating laugher with learning!
  • Increase team camaraderie by competing in fun, work - related, activities!
  • Learn tools to enable your people to focus, win, and celebrate as a team!
  • Develop the skills to laugh and yourself to enable you to relax and be more effective!
  • Discover traits and skills you didn't know about yourself or each other by engaging in physical and intellectual challenges!

Develop the skills to laugh at yourself to enable you to relax and be more effective!

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